Hey, It’s Hilda

I want to tell you a little about myself...

Family, church and my husband are very important to me. I love my grandchildren, especially my youngest granddaughters, they are very special to me. I like taking care of myself the best I can, and no I do not like exercising!!

I do want to age gracefully so I eat healthy or try to, most of the time. I use quality skin care products for my face. I used to change brands all the time, until I found The Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S).

It changed the way I felt about my face, about me! All the products from Weight Management, Nutrition and Skin Care, just changed my outlook on life, and this is why I want to share my products with you.

I want you to experience what I have experienced up to now! I want you to look and feel beautiful too!

By taking care of You!

I love the skin care system Luminesce, I use this daily starting from the Youth Restoring Cleanser to the night cream, and everything in between. Luminesce carries everything you need to look and feel great, and give you that beautiful glow throughout your face. My Skin Care Luminesce, My Nutrition AM/PM, Reserve and My Weight Management ZEN products will be all available to you here in my blog.

All you do is click on the product, it will direct you to my web site where you can place your order. I will always have specials and new posts so keep visiting and subscribe to my newsletter so you can stay up to date!