Meet Our Jeunesse Industry Innovators

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Randy Ray

“I think our responsibility is to provide the tools for people to go out and earn a living and build their dreams.”

Wendy Lewis

“We want our customers to feel good, live longer and enjoy life.”

Scott Lewis

“The Jeunesse family is creating a global movement of like-minded leaders, unified in spirit, with a collective mission to create positive impact in the world.”

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The opportunity



The month in which we celebrate the discovery of America provides an opportunity to get in touch with your adventurous side. Because Jeunesse is built around discovering new opportunities and living your life to the fullest, we’ve made a list of five things we’d like you to discover about us.


The opportunity

Jeunesse offers a fantastic way to earn extra income, while also improving your health. Built around the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), everything we do is focused on providing Customers with products that help them live younger and fuller lives. By partnering with us, you can build a personal business that lets you work where and how you want while sharing quality products. You want to build residual income, build a network of friends, contact me, visit me on my Blog

Our events

We believe lives can be elevated through fantastic experiences. That’s why we travel all over the globe, meeting with our Distributors and rediscovering the beauty in people and the world, always with a servant’s heart and an aim to help others. Check out our calendar for a look at our events, such as Jeunesse University, Jeunesse LEAD and our most exciting event, Jeunesse EXPO.

Our products

Our supplements and skin care lines make up the foundation of our Youth Enhancement System. We carefully combine life-changing benefits into a powerful system to improve your health and preserve your youth. Everything we offer is designed to help you live each day more fully.

Our tools

For those who want to move beyond simply using our products and share the power of Jeunesse with others, we provide innovative tools to help you be successful. From product catalogs to award-winning videos, sharing the Jeunesse story is simple. You can manage your store and get updates on the latest Jeunesse news with Jmobile, our convenient mobile app.

Our awards

The high standard we maintain through our products and by the way we do business has earned us more than 291 awards. We are committed to being excellent — and we’re always working to be better. Check out our awards page to find out why and how we’ve been recognized.

Discover something new. Mark Oct. 25 on your calendar as a day to visit us in Florida for Discover Jeunesse. We’d love to give you a tour of our headquarters and tell you more about how Jeunesse can open a world of opportunities to you.

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What beauty & lifestyle influencers are saying about NV

Since its launch in spring 2017, NV has attracted a worldwide fan base for its flawless, long-wearing coverage, convenient application and youth-enhancing formula. Jeunesse has created blogs, video tutorials and marketing resources on our innovative line of aerosol makeup, but to showcase how real women use NV, Jeunesse sent NV Primer, NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation and NV Bronzer, along with the NV Puff and the NV Headband, to beauty and lifestyle influencers.

What are beauty and lifestyle influencers? Influencers range from professional makeup artists to self-made experts and are respected for their opinions about a variety of makeup and self-care products. Viewers from cultures around the globe tune in to beauty vlogs to hear firsthand what influencers think about newly released products. In a way, influencers have become the modern word of mouth, making recommendations and giving tips about how to use beauty products.

Jeunesse partnered with beauty and lifestyle influencers of varying skin types and tones to gather an array of perspectives on NV. Demonstrating different methods of application and how to use each NV product, influencers showed how versatile the makeup line can be. To highlight these influencer-made videos and social media posts, Jeunesse will bring you an NV blog series that features videos, in-depth detail about NV’s features and how you can use this content to build your business.

These marketing assets will be an excellent resource with which to engage your social media followers and help them understand how to use NV and realize its maximum benefits. Be sure to continue to follow our blogs about the NV influencer campaign. Through the series, you’ll learn new selling points about the makeup line and have access to ready-to-use, shareable content that will help you become a leader in your market.

What makes the most youthful you? Moisture

Many cosmetics claim to be moisturizing or hydrating, but how can a dusty powder or oily goo provide real moisture for your skin? NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation provides a moisture-rich, oil-free balance for skin of any age or type, with a hydrating formula that includes aloe for skin-smoothing benefits. “This formula is really hydrating and moisturizing, so it’s OK if you have dry skin,” explains Youtube and Instagram influencer “Duyen,” as she shows how to apply it using fingertips, a brush or the NV Puff.

Enhanced with Jeunesse exclusive APT-200(TM), the NV line provides lightweight, buildable coverage. Shlinda1 knows a flawless finish starts with a perfect primer. “I am thoroughly impressed. Look at my foundation! Not just the foundation, but the primer! That primer is talking to me!” She can’t get over how soft her skin looks and feels, and how even her complexion is without looking or feeling heavily “made up.”

“We don’t want to hide who we are. We want to show the world our very best face,” says influencer Monique Parent, who made NV her favorite foundation all summer long. With NV’s full coverage, she looks amazing, dewy, refreshed and moisturized. Ready to be the most radiant woman in any room.

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Health motivation is the initial trigger that ignites change, but motivation can only last so long.

The No. 1 reason people fall off their nutrition plan is because their health spark fades and food boredom creeps in.

What I know as fact is that your nutrition success is directly connected to preventing food boredom. Every meal needs to be tasty, healthy and something you look forward to eating.

The moment your food excitement is gone is the moment you’ve entered the dreaded arena of food boredom.

This is exactly why we have created delicious, clean and easy-to-make PFC Every 3-approved ZEN Project 8® recipes.

As you start your ZP8 journey, it’s easy to keep your meals simple as you find your food rhythm. But the more comfortable you become with the program, the more you need to challenge yourself and diversify your food options.

This keeps you ahead of the curve and your meals exciting and fresh!

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