PM Essentials is a restorative nighttime formula containing key nutrients and proprietary blends.*

Stay on schedule
Routine is the crux of a good night’s sleep. Your body has an internal clock, and every time you alter what time you wake up or go to sleep, you throw it off schedule. Set your alarm for at least one hour before you have to be anywhere, and set your bedtime for at least eight hours before that. Now stick to your schedule — even on weekends. And avoid taking more than a 30-minute nap during the day.

Turn off the lights
When it’s dark, your body produces melatonin to help you sleep. Likewise, sunshine will help you wake up. Get your morning started with AM Essentials and some daylight. Take a walk, read a book by a window or simply look at the scenery. This will make it easier for you to fall asleep again once the lights are out. Keeping this balance will help your body stay on schedule.

Exercise is a good way to burn some energy and help your body feel ready for rest at night. Your muscles want to recover after your workout. The primary time they do this is while you’re dreaming, so your body will be anxious for plenty of rest. Just make sure you don’t exercise within two hours of bedtime, or you’ll be wide awake when it’s time to snooze.

Eat right
What you put into your body significantly affects how you sleep. PM Essentials will help you get all the nutrients you need for a restorative slumber, while AM Essentials will give you something extra for the day. But other things can disrupt your sleep cycle. Here are a few suggestions for what to avoid, and when:

  • Caffeine in the afternoon or evening
  • Large meals at night
  • Alcohol before bed
  • Liquid within two hours of going to sleep
  • Sugar and carbs in general


Dedicate the last hour of the day to relaxing. Try not to do anything that is overstimulating. Turn down lights and avoid looking at bright screens. Take your PM Essentials, then do a calming activity, such as meditating or reading a book under dim light. This will help signal your mind that you’ll be going to bed soon and speed up the time it takes to fall asleep.

Remember, resting effectively is all about routine. Remind yourself to stick to your schedule by starting your day with AM Essentials, and ending your night with PM Essentials. With our list of tips, you’ll be waking up more rested and ending your day feeling more accomplished in no time.

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