Get your freeze on with ZEN Fuze popsicles



Health motivation is the initial trigger that ignites change, but motivation can only last so long.

The No. 1 reason people fall off their nutrition plan is because their health spark fades and food boredom creeps in.

What I know as fact is that your nutrition success is directly connected to preventing food boredom. Every meal needs to be tasty, healthy and something you look forward to eating.

The moment your food excitement is gone is the moment you’ve entered the dreaded arena of food boredom.

This is exactly why we have created delicious, clean and easy-to-make PFC Every 3-approved ZEN Project 8® recipes.

As you start your ZP8 journey, it’s easy to keep your meals simple as you find your food rhythm. But the more comfortable you become with the program, the more you need to challenge yourself and diversify your food options.

This keeps you ahead of the curve and your meals exciting and fresh!

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