Wake up the muscles, wake up the mind

Wake up the muscles, wake up the mind
First: Stretch. Nothing un-snooze-buttons your muscles like a good full-body stretch – the kind that brings fingers down to toes (don’t forget to bend those knees!). Activating as many muscles as possible, though gently, is like flipping the switch for your body to start the day.

Once you’re alert, meditation, prayer or giving thanks can help you center yourself. Being present and mindful brings things into focus. The rush of daily tasks that lie ahead can be compartmentalized, while calmness and self-awareness take over. Meditation has been indicated in medical publications to contribute to lower blood pressure and reduced stress.

Healthy is as healthy does
Floss and brush. Shower. Get dressed. Can’t you just hear your mom hollering at you to get it all done before you miss the school bus? Flossing has been proven to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Brushing your teeth and showering both slough away bacteria and viruses.

If mornings are your thing
Maybe you’re a night owl, and a lot of people are, but it’s more likely you’re a different kind of animal: The “morning person.” In that case, you like to move it, move it, and exercise is key. ZEN Project 8 can help hone your body in as little as 8 weeks. It can also improve your overall health outlook and eating habits with its stellar supporting cast, including ZEN Fit, a fantastic pre-workout or pre-meal muscle protector, and ZEN Fuze protein shakes, to keep blood sugar levels balanced after that morning fitness blitz.

Make sure ‘All systems are go’
While you’re filling the thermos with java for the daily office commute, or blissfully taking in the benefits of a good cup of tea, adding supplements can ensure your body’s motor is more perfectly calibrated. A daily dose of AM Essentials delivers 70 key vitamins and minerals.

Be heart smart
Give your heart some hugs with Reserve’s blend of five superfruits and resveratrol. Positive CAP-e (cell-based antioxidant protection in erythrocytes) test results indicate Reserve penetrates and protects live cells from oxidative damage – the antioxidants in Reserve are a reliable counterpunch to our cells’ constant production of free radicals. With less than 30 calories in each convenience-on-the-go packet, and no added sugars and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, this great-tasting constitution booster helps put the “well” in well-being. Reserve gives your morning routine the powerful zing to send you – and your whole day – on your way.

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